To Kill a Serpent - Composing for Sisyphus Unchained

Whadya mean another demo?

After the fantastic, yet exhausting journey we all went through in Andromeda Software Development creating The Legend of Sisyphus I wasn't expecting us to be creating another demo for a little while. That's why it came as a surprise when Navis told me, 20 days after Assembly had finished that he's onto a new demo, possibly for Revision.

I always held the main demoparty in Germany very close to my heart. I've never been to Revision (really wanted to be there this year, alas I couldn't work out the financials), but I've been to Breakpoint many times, and I have so many fond memories from it. So the prospect of releasing something at Revision made me super excited.

Identity Loop - Composing for The Legend of Sisyphus

The clock had barely been past midnight of August 6th 2023, and coinciding with my nameday (a weird type of event where us Greeks celebrate the origin of our given name), The Legend of Sisyphus, the latest ASD demos that Navis and I created was being shown on the big screen of, and winning 1st place in the Assembly Summer 2023 demoparty, followed by an overwhelming torrent of comments in praise and excitement. It was the perfect gift for my nameday, a gift that had a fairly large amount of work and serendipity behind it.

If you haven't seen it already, check it out on YouTube:

Or if you have a decent nVidia GPU (3060 with 8 Gigs or better) then feel free to run it on your machine which is definitely a much better viewing experience. Read the comments and download it on Pouet

But let's rewind the clock by about 8 months. It was a day past the turn of the year when Navis sent me a few videos of new effects he had been working on, crudely captured on his phone while fiddling with them on his computer screen. It was his way of signaling that we're making a new demo.